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Warrant Officer 1 Sahrol bin Haji Omar was born on the 20th Oktober 1978. On 24 June 1996, he joined the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) and had undergone Basic Military Training at the Training Institute RBAF.

His first official appointment was at 3rd Battalion, RBLF (3Bn RBLF) as a Rifleman. Throughout his career, he held various appointments such as Driver Troop Commander, Troop Commander Gunner, Troop Vehicle Commander Troop 3, Armor Store and Squadron Sergeant Major. He then served as Drill Sergeant Major in Support Battalion RBLF, Penanjong Garrison in 2014. On 2016 he was appointed as Regiment Sergeant Major Support Batalion RBLF. He was ever handle the Sergeant Major Programme between Singapore and Brunei (Senior Warrant Officer Exchange Programme) in 2017. On 1 June 2018 he was promoted to the rank of First Warrant Officer. He represents an ASEAN Sergeant Major Annual Meeting in 2018. On 1 July 2019 he appointed as Regiment Sergeant Major of Training Institute Royal Brunei Armed Forces. Warrant Officer 1 Sahrol was posted to the Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) holding his current post as Sergeant Major of JFHQ from 10 January 2023.

Throughout his career, he had undergone various local and overseas courses such as Weapon Instructor Course in 1998, Combat Vehicle Reconnaisance (Tracked) A3 Course in 1999, Combat Vehicle Reconnaisance (Tracked) A2 Course in 2003, Drill Instructor Course in 2005, Fardhu Ain Course in 2008, Skill & Small Arms Instructor Course in 2008, Combat Vehicle Reconnaisance (Tracked) A1 in 2008, Ammo Storeman Courses in 2009, Officers Mandatory Security Awareness Course in 2011, Counseling Skills Workshop in 2013, Sergeant Major Infantry company/squadron in 2013, Range Management Course in 2015, Account Service Fund Course in 2015, Watchkeeper course in 2016, Workplace Health & Safety Familiarization in 2016 and Warrant Officer Leadership & Management Course in 2016.

First Warrant Officer Sahrol has been awarded the General Service Medal (GSM) in 1998, Silver Jubilee Medal in 2009, Armed Forces Golden Jubilee RBAF in 2011, Pingat Indah Kerja Baik (P.I.K.B) in 2017, His Majesty Golden Jubilee in 2017, Pingat Setia Bakti (P.S.B) in 2021 and Armed Forces Diamond Jubilee in 2021. 

He married his wife ​Dayang Suzaina binti Haji Azamain in November 1997 and is blessed with two sons and two daughters. ​